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SimpleMom 07:02 AM 03-09-2011
I have always sought out to make my home daycare like a center/preschool. I have been doing this with success for almost 6 yrs. As has been great, I am finding I want to change things. Everyone has been takkng thier little ones to preschool outside of what I offer (which is fine), so I don't think I need to be so preschool oriented anyways. I am thinking of keeping it more low key. My mom was saying that the parents don't pay for the preschool anyway and that makes sense to not worry about it.
So for those of you who don't do a structured preschool program, how do your days go and what types of activities do you do to keep the day moving and such and the kids entertained?
daycare 08:43 AM 03-09-2011
I was offering the same thing. I only have one that I am getting ready for school, so I do make sure that I teach up to this child.
Lately, I feel that the parents couldnt care less about the program I teach and often do not participate in anything that I ask of them.

I recently started doing more make belive play and not so much stuff that requires me to always lead. Like the crafts and writing and spelling, math, counting, list can go on forever.

I see the kids are learning in a much different way and seem to be enjoying it. It is also less stress on me. Not having to follow a book to the "T" (or should I say curriculum book)

This week we have spent the time inventing all of our toys. No store purchased items. We made toy robots from boxes, boats, a house, castle, and so on.

we also made out own clay, glue, paint, and today we are making paper....

I have not had to buy anything to make these things, as they are all thingsI already had in my kitchen closet.

Next week we will be using rice and beans in our play table and will find a lesson it in somehow. Just need to think what we will be

I say don't put too much time into it. I used to and regret it. I don't get paid any extra and no one seems to care, so I find that offering a different style of teaching with different materials a much better way to go... If the kids are still learning I will keep going this route....
Abigail 12:31 PM 03-09-2011
Is your home setup like a preschool? I've already purchased a preschool table and chairs and will have exclusive use rooms for daycare. I find it much easier to keep things clean when it's not mixed in with my "home space". If your home is setup like a preschool, did parents comment on it when they enrolled or had a tour?

I'm agreeing with the PP about not following a curriculum book to a "T" because I've got some and have gotten frustrated and given up on creating a structured curriculum to a "T". I don't want to know what dance, fingerplay, song, poem, and book we're going to read that relate to such and such topic. I want to take the children's lead on what song they like and what is popular at the time and what I've already got access to. I am creating science and art activities in advance for weekly themes and the rest of what we do can be created at the time of the theme. I'm creative and don't need to waste my time or stress myself out over the little things. What matters is that we care and love the children to the best of our abilities.
SimpleMom 10:33 AM 03-10-2011
my entire basement is set up for early childhood. used to be upstairs. now, when work is over...i am outta there! lol. the set up is great. I find that the kids have a lot of fun coming up with their own play ideas using the various props out and such. i just don't feel like being the pre-k teacher and expending allll of the energy that i just don't have on it anymore. i am needing to change it up. feeling a little burnt out. i can't change my hours or my days, so that leaves me with the structure of the day.
kidkair 12:24 PM 03-10-2011
On my non-curriculum weeks or days I just let the kids have at it. They play so well with all the toys and such that I don't really need actively play with them. I some times get some reading done or do some extra cooking to get ahead for the week. I usually keep some stuff separated from the toys they can access and will bring those out. Examples are mats to jump on, blankets to make forts, art stuff, dominoes, marble runs, board games, sea shells, and beads. If I am really lucky we just spend more time outside where they play like crazy and I garden, move snow to sunny spots, do my own exercise.
EightIsEnuff 09:01 AM 03-11-2011
I have a friend that just does "theme weeks". Instead of a structured curriculum, she'll buy things from Oriental Trading or make things. For example, one week it'll be Pirate Week. They'll wear eye patches, make their own hats, build a pirate ship using blankets and stuff.... It works pretty well for her. She lets the kids give their input on what themes they want to do, i.e. "Royalty week - princesses, queens, kings, etc" and "Creepy Crawlies" where they catch bugs, put bug stickers on paper, etc. She lets them bring things from home (which I'm not sure I would do) but if the girls have a crown they want to bring, or whatever...

Seems fairly easy - I just need to actually go forward with it.
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