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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I Know You Are Busy...So Don't Feed The Baby!
MsMe 05:51 AM 04-04-2011
I have a 9mo babay girl in my care. She is a sister to an older DCB so I have had her since 6wks. Every feeding milestone has come and gone with out a word from Mom. Examples--4oz to 6oz bottles, starting cereal/oatmeal/babyfood. I have had to ask her each time what she is doing at home...can we start them here? Each time she tells me "oh yes we are doing that at home" and my responce is "um, can we be doing it here too!?!?!"

At the end of last week she was still only eating a little cereal in the afternoons. I took her aside at the end of last week and asked her to please take notice of the baby sched all weekend and let me know so we could be doing the same things here at Daycare this week.

when she came in this morning she had baby food. She said that she was eating it in the afternoons. GREAT When I asked her "1 or 2 jars?" She said, "well she is eating 2 at home but you only have to feed her one if you don't have time. Thank you so much for doing this!"

Um, Does she really think I am too busy to feed her baby what she really needs? It now makes since why she never brought food or cereal before....she is trying to "save me time" Do parents really think that babies don't need to eat while they are at Daycare? I personaly much prefer feeding solids over giving a bottle so I am excited when they start to make teh switch!!

Just another crazy story to add to my collection....

Happy Monday
tulip1969 09:57 AM 04-04-2011
Wow, there are some strange moms out there.
MaryPoppins 10:41 AM 04-04-2011
I have one like this...never mentioned that they had started baby foods and I had to ask her just recently about doing table foods.

She never hesitated to mention that her 2yr old was potty training and she wanted him to wear the big boy thin undies from day one no thanks. Bring pull-ups, please.
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