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DancingQueen 03:50 AM 04-08-2011
And I'm so incredibly stressed out about it.

As long and exhausting as my days currently are... we have a good groove going.

I'm so anxious that this baby is going to totally mess with my groove.

I'd love any advice, tips, words of wisdom you could send my way on this topic.

I currently have a 2.5 (b), 4.5 (b), 2 (g), 18m (g) and my own 5yr old girl.

Mom has been bringing baby in the house and letting her get acquainted with the chaos LOL (her older sister comes here).
momofboys 04:14 AM 04-08-2011
First of all take a deep breath & try to envision everything going smoothyl (I know, easier said than done!). I imagine it will take a week or so for everything to feel more on track. DO you know much about the baby's temperment? If it were me I would attempt to do as much as possible in advance (prepping lunch the night before), having clothes out & ready for your older kids (if you have any) & making sure you have some good (maybe something new) for your current kids to occupy their time while youa re tedning to the baby. I never have cared for an infant other than my own but I know when I had baby #3 (& I had my own 3 & 6 yr old) I would often nurse my baby & read to my older boys at the same time. I was already holding baby with one arm (on my boppy) so it was no big deal to sit & read 3-4 stories to my boys at the same time. It also made my feeding time for baby a time that could also be a quiet/close time with my older kids. Good
cheerfuldom 04:57 AM 04-08-2011
How old is the baby? Have you talked to the mom about all the important facts like when does baby nap, how are they put down, when do they eat, how much, etc? Start putting baby on a routine where their bottle feedings are during times where the kids are already occupied and naps when the older kids need your attention. Be prepared to put baby down and they will cry about that. Just don't be so overwhelmed with keeping baby quiet 24/7 that the other kids get off routine. Basically put him/her in your routine, don't all adjust and work around baby. Everyone will adjust.
MaryPoppins 05:58 AM 04-08-2011
I love watching babies...all of my kids have always started out with me as babies. My advise would be to get the baby on sort of the opposite of the other kids schedule. If they are having free play time, then use that time to feed baby and get ready for nap. While baby naps, do an activity with the kids. Try to work towards feeding baby right after the kids go down for their nap so that baby can nap then too. Babies nap a lot so it's really not so hard to have them around.
childcarebytori 06:01 AM 04-08-2011
I had a 6-week-old start at my home daycare recently and I, like you, had a great routine going with my other dcks (ages 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 & 3). The baby literally ate, slept, and pooped, then ate and slept some more during her first week here. The children were very interested in looking and talking to the baby, and even asked to feed and "hold it", which I denied of course

My only difficulties I run into with having a baby is how much the older kids enjoy playing with the infant swing, bouncer, rocker and bassinet. I stressed very often and heavily that the equipment is to be used only by the baby. Instead, I went out and bought some doll swings, bouncers and little playpens. I also stocked up extra on baby bottles, "pacifiers", hair brushes, receiving blankets and preemie clothing they can dress their own doll in.

So far it's been great. When the infant needs to feed, the other kids round up their babies and get their bottles out, too. We talk about why babies can only drink milk and other fun things related to our babies; like they're little hands and feet. Our routine has had to exclude some daily activites sometimes or shorten them so I can tend to the baby, but overall the children love their new doll gear and accessories. It's fun to see them dash for their babies when they hear the infant cry out. Suprisingly, I've had no jealous feelings from my other kids regarding the baby getting Allllllright of the attention.

Good luck and enjoy the baby! They are especially great for snuggling when you are feeling down.
Evansmom 06:21 AM 04-08-2011
I decided recently to not take the new baby of a family I have been working with for the last 18 months. Love the family, love the DCG but I can't do an infant. I might lose the DCG but I won't lose my sanity.

I watched a neighbor's baby for a few weeks part time b/c they were having some family medical issues and it was very hard, too hard for me I had to admit. The baby was on the opposite schedule as my daycare kids which was okay except I NEVER got a break. Ever. And I couldn't handle it. Nap time is when I plan and get stuff done. I need that break in the day. But I had to try it out to know my limitations. I know there are people who do it but I know I can't.
DancingQueen 09:00 AM 04-08-2011
Baby will be 3 months old when she starts coming.
She is being nursed. they are working on bottles now.
I plan to sling.
I've started working on my dc kids now.
I have a small living room that the kids love to play in (instead of the play room - go figure) I've gated it off recently and it is now the "quiet room"
We go in there to read books and watch a show but the biggest use for the room will be for baby.
That is where I will have my swing, boppy etc.. I might even have the pnp in there for now until I see what sort of sleep patterns I'm dealing with.
I think by 3 months my kids were all on some sort of self made routine.

I desperately need everyone to nap at the same time LOL

One big issue I'm having is I have the 2 girls in seperate rooms in pnp. and I have the 2yr boy in playroom on nap mat
but he is not an easy child. He takes forever to fall asleep (today was 50 minutes) and I HAVE to sit in there with him. Any distractions and he will NOT fall asleep - he will chat and play and he just thinks it is funny when I try to correct him and ask him to quiet down. He's still young but he used to go down fine.

The 2yr girl (older sibling of baby) I need to move out of pnp so I have it for baby. She doesn't nap for very long and she wakes up about 15 minutes after boy above falls asleep. I am going to have them in the same room on nap mats and I'm just predicting the worst.
My plan is to start this Monday

Any advice? These two are like the dynamic duo - and I don't mean this in a good way.
The other thing is neither of them are gentle - with anyone or anything. So I had to have a gated safe room for baby so I can pee LOL
cheerfuldom 09:13 AM 04-08-2011
can you get anymore pack n plays? I don't put kids on nap mats until I absolutely have to.
boysx5 09:15 AM 04-08-2011
I love babies so its exciting when I get a new one I have one starting in July can't wait. Its some of the three and four year olds that make me cringe
DancingQueen 09:31 AM 04-08-2011
I've thought of getting another pnp but this girl is also crawling out of her crib at home so I think it is a matter of time - and then I have no place quiet left to put the new pnp (I have the current two in my children's bedrooms).

Would you just let baby nap out in the living room?
Lilbutterflie 10:11 AM 04-08-2011
Dancing Queen, I am anticipating the same problems as you in August. Two of my dcb's are going off to kindy and two spots are opening. I've gotten calls, but all newborns.

I would suggest getting them used to napmats in the same room as soon as possible. Have you tried running a fan in that room for background noise, or lullaby music, or a noise maker? Maybe one of these things will make your 2 yo dcb relax and go to sleep faster. I too have to stay in the room while mine are going to sleep b/c they will move around and play if I'm not in there reminding them to go to sleep. I would also suggest trying the get the baby to nap right before you do the older kids' naps and have the newborn's pnp in a different room. I know that's not always possible with a 3 mo though!

I know you will find a routine and what works best for you. It will just take some time. Be excited, infants are delightful to watch them grow and reach their milestones! They can't talk back, they can't fight over toys, and they smell so good! Good luck!
DancingQueen 10:15 AM 04-08-2011
I actually have the same lullabye song that plays over and over and over. It plays in my hallway on LOUD to tune everything around the house out. My kids (my own teens) HATE THE SONG LOL

They can sing it in their sleep.

he just seems to take a lot longer to fall asleep but if I sit there and STARE directly into his face he falls asleep pretty quickly. I call it the indimidation approach. I have no clue what it works but it does. But I am thinking that with a baby I am nto going to be able to pull that off and the 2 yr old girl is going to be hard too - I just know the freedom is going to so exciting for her.
But I have 3 weeks to get her all set.
I am lacking confidence.
Lilbutterflie 11:22 AM 04-08-2011
Is the 2 yo girl in a toddler bed yet at home? If so, I think your transition to nap mat will be easier than you think. If not, it may be a struggle at first but just be consistent. Go in recognizing that it will be hard at first, but just keep quietly putting her back into place if she gets up while giving her your look of intimidation. I think 3 weeks is a good amount of time. Keep the two of them as far away from each other as possible, and stay somewhere you can see both of them easily. I have tried lullaby music with mine, but I really like using an oscillating fan. I find they calm down so much faster with the fan noise. And it's getting hot here so it fits in perfectly with the season!

Good luck, try not to stress about it. I'm sure it'll all work out.
SimpleMom 02:38 PM 04-08-2011
My first thought was don't take the infant. If it's stressing you out now, it'll only be more stressfull after they start. However, you're ages of children are pretty good as well as numbers. I think you will be just fine I'm sure the little one will blend right in after a few weeks of adjustment to routine and such. You have the summer to adapt as well. So, the baby isn't there....yet so breathe!!!! Relax and take it easy until they do. Then you will have the energy to work and have fun with them
DancingQueen 03:07 AM 04-11-2011
I think I've decided not to move the 2 yr old girl (she actually turns two the end of this month).
I really don't think she is ready and I'm not ready for the battle just yet.

I'm going to try to borrow a pnp from someone for baby.
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