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hoopinglady 09:31 AM 10-15-2011
Who's with me? Any advice? I've been at it for nearly 2.5 years and have had times that I rocked it and times that I felt like I was drowning.

I have two preschoolers and a teenager myself.

I am working out all the kinks in environment, policies and so forth to try to make things more streamlined.

I always say I'm going to pre cook lunches. I have done it maybe a dozen times and it is soooo nice to have it done. I hired an assistant just for the kitchen, I actually two different girls but neither worked out (typical problems).

I'm terrible at staying on a cleaning schedule so again, sometimes I'm on it and sometimes things get overwhelming as heck...feeding ten kids a few times a day makes a lot of dishes (no dishwasher, btw, lol).

I really want to simplify things as much as humanly possible.
Tags:assistant, overwhelmed, simplify