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mismatchedsocks 08:31 AM 11-16-2011
had an incident about 2 weeks ago. Two 2 year olds opened the back gate, walked across a busy road to a house across street where someone called the cops, and the kids were taken back to the daycare where the daycare providers said they didnt notice the kids gone? Both kids still attend the daycare, teachers still work there AND there is no "ding" against the daycare!? How is that possible!?
littlemommy 08:33 AM 11-16-2011
Wow! And some people get written up for not mixing up their cleaner daily?! I hope the parents were at least notified of what happened!!
Blackcat31 08:33 AM 11-16-2011
Maybe they only charge a few dollars a day and supply everything. They are also probably open 24 hrs....?!?! LOL!!!
mismatchedsocks 08:35 AM 11-16-2011
They know, I read their facebook page about it. Moms friend contacted me about daycare if I had opening for one of the boys who was her nephew! The mom said she couldnt find a place that opened at 6am, took state assistance and had kids her childs age, so took him back after 4 days off with grandma.
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