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Soupyszoo 01:27 PM 03-01-2012
I have a new little guy that started a couple weeks ago. When dcm drops him off she usually brings her 4 yo on their way to his school. When the older brother comes in he immediately starts running around, playing with all my dck's toys, kicking the balls etc... Yesterday he was walking with his shoes (I hate shoes on my carpets) on, in my baby zone where all the babies roll around and play! [i] had to ask him to sit because kids were napping and that I don't want him to step on toys and blankets and stuff. Today when she dropped off he did the same thing, except this time as they were leaving I noticed him putting something in his pocket. I asked him what was in his pocket and he said nothing. I said let me see. He had one of my little toys from the toddlers room and was going to take it!

My question is... Besides having to tell him not to run around and steal things constantly, how do you all keep stuff like this from happening? How do you keep people and their nasty shoes out of your daycare area? I thought about a gate at the entry way? Or a sign?
Tags:drop off behavior, siblings