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jojosmommy 11:28 AM 05-21-2012
I have posted before about my DD. She has some serious medical issues, and we have been waiting forever for a referral to see a specialist. Today the clinic called and said she could get in Wednesday due to a cancellation or Early August. Obviously I took the Wednesday appoinment and figured we would make it work somehow.

I called my daycare families immediately (even though they had dropped of 10 min prior) so they would have as much possible time to plan an alternative. I offered to be closed (and reimburse them what they had already paid), switch days off for my 4 day a week family, or allow them to come in the afternoon- calling them to let them know when I got home from the appt. The one family was awesome, she said "no big deal, I will look at my sched at work and let you know tonight. I would definately have taken the wed appt too!" The other family gave me hell. "OMG, my parents have appointments that day so now I am stuck. bla bla blaa." Guilt trip continued for 5 min. Ill tell you tomorrow what my plan is, I guess. This family has a company provided (FREE) back up daycare. Mom doesnt like to use it b/c she thinks her kids get sick there. I was so ready to tell her off. Her kids are terrible, she is rude, seriously she is baiting me into kicking them out.

I want to call her and tell her, actually, I decided to take the whole day to make sure we have time to do all the appointments we need for our DD.

Am I being totally inconsiderate? I know this is late notice but really FAMILY FIRST. I gave them warning months ago that if we were able to get in we were taking the soonest appt, as soon as they called. Am I just irritable or am I justified?
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