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bubby 06:11 AM 09-13-2012
Good morning to you all! I have been lingering on this forum for years now but rarely post but I wanted to say how grateful I am to have found this forum. I have found lately that I am becoming increasingly lonely with this profession as obviously there is no adult interaction all day long & that can make it extremely lonely & a tad bit depressing at times! I look forward to reading all the posts daily as it makes me feel like you guys are going through some of the daily struggles that I have or continue to go through. So its definitely nice to know you all are on the other side of the screen!!!

Now that I have been downsized to 1 DCF (not by choice) which consists of a 3yo dcb & a 9mo dcg, my income does not allow for me to get out to local storytimes or parks like I used to because of the high price cost of gas it takes to fill my SUV. I think that when I had more dck's in attendance which allowed for frequent field trips, I didnt seem to be this stir-crazy!!!!!

Anyway, I was just wanted to say thanks for all the daily posts that either make me laugh or cause me to shake my head commiserating with you!
Blackcat31 06:22 AM 09-13-2012
Good morning to you! Nice to have you!

Jump right in and make yourself at home! We are a pretty diverse but very interesting group!

I agree that having the forum makes the job much more fun and alot more bearable since we can share and learn from others in the same boat as we are!
DaisyMamma 07:20 AM 09-13-2012
So true. Sometimes I log in to find that someone else posted exactly the problem I'm having that day. Lol
Sugar Magnolia 11:10 AM 09-13-2012
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