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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Am I Still Owed A 30 Day Notice?
PolkaTots 03:16 PM 10-18-2012
I have had a family for about 9 months now. I told them last month that I will be quitting daycare at the end of May as we are relocating. Our house is currently on the market, but honestly don't have any hopes of it selling soon. But I told them my plan is to rent and continue daycare until we move. Mid November I have jury duty...could be a day...could be several days. I have a sub coming in these potential days, but told the parents if they would prefer to find a new provider then, I would understand. I never heard different, so assumed they didn't have a problem with any of that. Well, I was wrong. Today I am told tomorrow is their last day! I require a 30 day notice, which they had time to give, but they wait until today to tell me?!?! I would even understand if they gave me a 2 weeks notice with what is coming up, but a day, really?!?! This has been a really great family, I am just kind of blind sided by this
JenNJ 03:29 PM 10-18-2012
Yes, they owe you 30 days notice or pay. Enforce the contract.
DaisyMamma 03:32 PM 10-18-2012
Yes, they owe you 30 days notice!
I would be mad mad mad mad

Perhaps you are unavailable tomorrow? Answer the door "Sorry, if you are leaving with no notice, I'm quitting with no notice. Enjoy your day." Close the door.
sharlan 03:54 PM 10-18-2012
I would hand them a copy of your contract at pick up today.
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