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tenderhearts 08:08 PM 07-01-2010
So I'm doing a huge contract change after 12 years of my contract. I'm doing what others on here do where you charge the full time rate for 4 + days. Do you put that in your contract the full time is 4 + days? If they are only contracted for 4 days and they have a vacation day how do you figure how much to take off, take the full time rate and divide it by 5 days or 4 days? Also I always have had part time minimum 3 days per week, well I may for now need to take any part time so should I take that out of my contract all together for now or just write up something stating I making an exception and they are only 2 days per week? sorry if this sounds like I have no clue
gbcc 04:04 AM 07-02-2010
My contract states 30+ hours is full time. That way you don't have people abusing your part time rate and leaving the child in care 10 or more hours each day.

As far as part time I just state that it is at my descretion and the parent realizes that if the opportunity for full time placement arise I will be forced to give the part time family 2 weeks notice. I offer a guarenteed part time spot which means that instead of paying me $130 wk for full time they pay me $100 wk for part time and I promise not to fill the spot with a full time family.
tenderhearts 01:49 PM 07-02-2010
thanks, if I charge the full time rate of say $165 for 4 + days and they contract for 4 days, what if they take a vacation day how much do you take off for the daily rate? do you divide it by 5 or 4 days to figure the daily rate?
nannyde 02:11 PM 07-02-2010
My part time rate is 25 percent of my full time rate. So if I charged a 100 dollars a week the daily rate for three days would be 25 X 3 = 75 dollars a week. If they were here four days a week the rate would be 25 X 4 = 100 dollars a week.

This makes my four day a week daily rate the same as my five day a week full time rate.

It doesn't pay to do four days a week. It costs the same as five.

I don't give any discounts for vacations. They pay me the same 52 weeks a year.
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