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lflick 04:44 PM 06-24-2013
Hi all... I know there are many preexisting threads about rates and what not; however, I have a more specific question/opinion type question... Currently I charge $25 per day per child... My area averages $20-35 per day for in home and higher for a center... I am thinking about changing my rate set up to generate a more steady income... BUT I do not want to discourage clients at the same time.... I got a pm about a rate system that I REALLY liked so... here is my version... rather than 25 per day...

Part time(up to 3 days 30hrs) with 6 allowed sick/vacation days... $90 per week...

Full Time (4-5 days up to 50 hrs) with 10 allowed sick/vacation days..$145.00

PT(up to 3 days 30hrs) weekly regardless of attendance...$75.00

FT(4-5 days up to 50hrs hrs) weekly regardless of attendance...$125.00

I would give a slight break (between 10-15) for sibling discount. I would also continue with my current after school rate.

I entertained these calculations to give parents the option of choosing their rates as part of the contract process....

I have a family, with two children, who have inquired about fall care (they have a student during the summer).... I was to introduce new rates in the fall if I decide to go down this road... how to I explain this to them? Is there any way to get them to sign up... with a holding fee perhaps... as well as to lock in their previous rate? I would really like them to return; however, wish to have a commitment... how would you do this? Word this?

What do you all think? honestly...