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tenderhearts 09:40 AM 08-02-2010
I have some more questions for those of you who have babies in your care. I'm trying to NOT pave the same road I have many many times with my other babies that made having them in my care with other kids very difficult. I'm one of those people who picks up babies every time they cry, I did that with my own and with all my daycare babies except the last 2, I think with them I was lucky they were both really good sleeper by the time they started with me at 7 mo. So I'm trying to "train" myself into some new ways.
With that being said, my 4 mo. old infant has been doing pretty well, not a "fussy" baby really. Her naps had been 2 per day with maybe a catnap if she falls asleep on our walk. Both naps anywhere from 1 1/2 -3 hours long. UNTIL friday, she wakes up about 30 min into her nap, I tried letting her fuss a few min before going in there and just checking on her, I rubbed her tummy a moment then left the room, she continued to cry for about 6 min before I finally went in there and got her, well she did these 30 min naps all day. So with your babies in care what do you do? If they wake up early from the morning nap do you just try hard to keep them up until the next nap or wait until they show signs of being tired? She definetly was tired.
She still seems young that her schedule may not be always the same but the 30 min. naps are crazy. I had another baby about 6 years ago that was like this and back then which I just can't and wont do anymore I would pick her up and rock her back to sleep each time.
So anyone who does the baby thing please tell me what you do, I mean I know all babies are different and I don't want to make a baby feel like they aren't loved but I also have other kids and another baby starting in 2 weeks.
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