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Daycare and Taxes>What to Bring to Accountant-1st Year
AuntTami 11:04 AM 01-02-2015
I began doing daycare in August. At first I only had a couple drop in kids, and I got my first full timer in October. The second and third full timer didn't come until the beginning December.

When I first started, I had NO idea what I was doing. I kind of just quit my job and decided I'd take care of kids at home! I had no clue that I should have been saving all of my receipts for everything, so I didn't lol.

Now, I know that without receipts, I can't claim any of that money back. Which brings me to my question of, if I don't have ANY receipts(and I don't, why? Because I'm an idiot) what should I bring to the accountant?

I have my receipts I printed for my parents showing how much they paid, but that's about it.

All of our utilities, the checking account, the house, everything is in my hubbys name and since we're not legally married, I can't *prove* that I paid any of our bills or anything since I just gave him cash and he deposited it into the account and then the bills were paid with the debit card, online.

Would written receipts from him(in the future) stating that I gave him xx amount for xx bill be a way to *prove* that I paid the bill? I'm still not understanding how I go about proving that I paid towards the bills. We did just get a joint checking account, but a lot of my families pay in cash. So I know I have to keep a ledger of who paid what and when and I'll keep the deposit receipts too, but then what? How do I prove I paid the bill without having a seperate account, and without being married? We don't use checks, we pay everything online with our debit cards. I have my own debit card for our account, would paying them with MY card vs his card work to show proof?

I usually do my own taxes and use a 1040, since I don't have any "deductions" that I can prove that I paid, should I just skip the accountant this year and file a regular 1040 and just claim the daycare money as "extra income"?

Sorry for so many questions. Taxes come easy to me, but the problems I'm having are coming from all of our stuff being in hubbys name and us not being legally married!
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