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permanentvacation 08:12 AM 11-14-2017
It's been a long time since I've been on here. I've gone through a lot. I used to own a licensed home daycare for over 20 years and was on this forum often. However, I also have an abusive ex-husband. In the end, I lost my house, which of course meant that I lost my home daycare.

I honestly believed and was preparing for being homeless! Thankfully someone let me stay at their house for a while. After losing my house and daycare, I immediately obtained a job, so luckily I have not been unemployed. I have a regular job and also babysit now.

But I feel like a lost soul without my daycare. So I desperately want to open a daycare center. I have discussed my situation with a couple of people and they suggested that I create a Go Fund Me account. So I finally did.
If any of you would like to, I would greatly appreciate donations towards opening a center.

Thank you!!
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