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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Do You Handle A Crying Baby?
jfoglia 08:17 AM 12-29-2010
So I had a new baby start about 6 weeks ago when she was almost 3 months old. At first she was good - slept a lot during the day, ate good, etc..After about 2 weeks of her starting she has been screaming ALL DAY!! She gets here about 8:30 and she starts screaming immediately. No matter what I do - walk with her, sing, try to feed, pacifier, change her diaper she will NOT stop crying. She can even go all day w/o one nap! I had no idea this was even possible for an infant to do. There have been days where I have left her in the crib crying for long periods of time and she will NEVER go to sleep? I change her diaper a lot and she eats good, but will only be content for very short periods of time and there is NO WAY she would ever go in a bouncy seat, or the floor. I need to be holding her for her to be content, and even then its only for short periods of time.

This is really disrupting my whole daycare. I have been taking care of babies for 10.5 years and I have never dealt with a baby like this. Mom and Dad are aware of everything, I don't sugar coat anything. They say she is good at home, sleeps thru night and everything. At home they say she falls alseep while being breastfed and then they "try" to put her in her crib for naps, but I have a feeling they just hold her which doesn't help me any. Both mom and dad are very nice people and baby is healthy. I really feel as if I've tried my hardest with her, so is it possible that she just can't handle daycare? This is affecting everyone in my daycare. She wakes up my sleepers, causes my toddlers stress, and I am always anxious when she is here. Advise?
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