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Dsquared 06:20 AM 01-12-2019
Hello providers,

I was hoping you all could help me respond to this mom. She has one child who is 22 months old and when she first started about 2 months ago she said she only needed two days. I usually don’t take part time kids but I did this time because she is the best friend of one of my other parents that I love. I told her my daily rate of $60 dollars which is already low in my area and she said she could only afford $50. I went ahead and said yes. I never even did a contract with her which is very stupid I know. Anyway, she decided after the holidays she wanted to add a day. I told her that was fine but 3 days is usually considered full time. I told her I would not charge her for full time but she has to pay $60 a day. So she agreed. Now toddler comes M, W, F at $180 a week. So now I get this message from her:

Hi! If we miraculously get Monday off (because of snow 🤞🏻🤞&#127995 could I bring “kid” Tues instead? And Friday is a teacher workday so I would probably drop him off sometime between 8-9am.

She is a teacher and my policy is teachers pay if there is a snow day. When I have taken part time in the past I don’t let them transfer days or pro rate. How should I handle this? What should I respond with? I realize I need to get her a contract ASAP. Thanks for any advice!
Tags:enforcing policies - consistency, full time vs part time, part time policy, professionalism