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BGM 06:24 AM 02-15-2019
I've had this child since he was about 15 months, since I opened daycare, actually. He was a really sweet baby last school year. He would play by himself and the other children well. Super easy going.

And then he came back this year and he's soooo different. He's nervous and aggressive to anyone who gets too close. It's to the point that I can't leave him to play with the other kids without someone getting hit or bitten. None of my other kids bite, but this is the only daycare he's had. If someone gets too close to him or if my younger ones try to take his toys without knowing "the rules" he automatically starts to scream, lash out and hit. Like, he just starts swatting. He'll even chase them away and keep hitting after the kid gets the idea and tries to leave.

I'm trying to be patient with him and lead by example, but when he starts attacking a crawling baby for getting too close, I get so frustrated with him!

So, what do I do to redirect this two year old? Timeouts are out, of course, but sometimes he needs to play by himself while I console his latest victim. I have tried being a referee and helping the kids play together nicely. I've tried redirecting him or the other child to a different toy. I've tried having everyone play in their own sections. I've given him stickers for being nice or asking me to help him if someone's taken his stuff. I'm losing steam with this guy. The other kids don't even want to play with him now. I just want us all to get along.

Today, I'm going to try having him be my shadow. If I have to go to the bathroom or get a meal ready, he can play by my side. I'm tired of leaving the room only to have to go right back when someone starts crying because they were attacked.

I've been mentioning this to his parents for months now and all they do is say "hmm that's weird, we don't do any of that stuff at home..." The last couple times, they talked to him about not hitting in front of me, but he just acts cute, gives mommy and daddy a hug and goes right back to hitting the next day. What do I do to help drive home not hitting people as a first response to them getting too close or doing something you don't like?
Tags:aggressive behavior, frustrated provider, two year old