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CountryRoads 07:22 AM 04-22-2019
I closed a couple hours early on Friday. I gave the option that if picking up early doesn't work for them, they could use a backup for the day and I wouldn't bill them.

Everyone still planned to come and just planned on picking up early.

Well, that same week my entire group got sick. I ended up only having 1 child on Friday. I still planned to bill everyone for that day since I planned on them attending. It was only because their children were sick and couldn't attend is why they were absent.

Would you do the same thing? I'm worried a parent may question it and I need to have a prepared response.
Blackcat31 07:26 AM 04-22-2019
The only time I'd consider not charging or issuing a refund is if I was unavailable to provide care.

If I was available to provide care but someone unexpectedly did not attend (due to illness or whatever) I still charge.

MY availability is the deciding factor for me in situations like that.
e.j. 02:37 PM 04-22-2019
I would do the same. My tuition policy states that payment is due whether or not a child actually attends day care so, if I were in your position, I would still expect payment for Friday.
lovemykidstoo 03:37 PM 04-22-2019
Same here. If not for them being sick, they would have come. I'd charge.
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