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AfterSchoolMom 10:36 AM 02-04-2011
What kinds of things do your one year olds spend their days doing? Do you do anything "structured" with them?
SilverSabre25 12:16 PM 02-04-2011
Originally Posted by AfterSchoolMom:
What kinds of things do your one year olds spend their days doing? Do you do anything "structured" with them?
Nope, nothing structured. They just don't care, IME. Lots of playing, reading as per their interest, singing songs, doing finger plays (well, I do the fingerplays, they giggle at me mostly until closer to 2), and free play. I will direct them when I need to (A, why don't you leave C alone to play with that? Let's go over here and build a tower to knock down!) but other wise, I let them crawl/toddle around being babies.
lvt77 01:49 PM 02-04-2011
We do a lot of finger painting with pudding. Safe to eat and easy to color.
Also non toxic bubbles in very shallow trays. Use lots of cups for them to fill up and dump out. Make sure it is small trays. I buy cat little trays smaller size they have.
I have more but need to run. Pm me later if u want
Unregistered 04:11 AM 04-13-2014
Read together
Sing action songs
They love ring-around-the-rosie
Crayons (usually very brief stretches at first)
Play dough (again may be very short stretches for younger one year olds)

Lots of free play and just setting up the environment for them to explore:
different types of blocks
stacking/nesting cups
kitchen area
board books
little people
musical instruments
felt board
toy animals
Rachel 06:49 AM 04-13-2014
Read, finger plays, sometimes I take out one specific toy and play with them (as opposed to free play), starting to give them finger paints & crayons, lots of outside time exploring, shape sorters & blocks & sorting cups and toys and rings are all favorites.
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