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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Anyone Else Having Trouble with the Minute Menu Site Today?
sahm2three 08:07 AM 07-01-2010
Every time I go in to record my in's and out's it locks up. I have restarted my computer and tried over and over and it locks up every time. It's getting pretty frustrating. Anyone else?
barbdooley 08:11 AM 07-01-2010
I think since everybody is trying to submit there claims it is slow I was having hard time also closed it out and re-opened and it worked just fine.
originalkat 12:38 PM 07-01-2010
I have not had any problems today.
swaddlebees 01:13 PM 07-01-2010
I have had problems with it for the last 2 weeks locking up anytime I try to do anything.
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