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sahm1225 06:49 PM 08-07-2010
I am debating whether or not to send the parents an email introducing my new assistant.

I currently have an assistant that works with me full time and because of her children's school schedule, she will be going to part time, so I have hired a new assistant to fill in (so they will both be part time).
During my vacation the new assistant will keep the daycare open/running so that the parents don't have to search for new daycare during that week. Do I also include that in the email or do I tell them that as they drop off their kids?
Ps. My new assistant is my cousin and former nanny, so she has an amazing resume

misol 07:33 PM 08-07-2010
I would send them an email and also bring it up again at drop-off in case they have any questions. Be sure to let them know that she is your cousin and former nanny so they will know that you are very familiar with her and her quality of work.
kendallina 07:34 PM 08-07-2010
I would definitely email them. Parents are always grateful for all the information they can get about who's with their children.
QualiTcare 08:47 PM 08-07-2010
i used to have my kids in daycare and i hated walking in to see a new face - having no clue it was going to happen. i would've liked to have been able to talk to my child about it - even if it was just in the car on the way to daycare. "you're going to have a new teacher. her name is _____."

it was just awkward not being informed because new employees are always nervous and feel a bit out of place and so was i. i didn't have any time to process what was happening before it happened - and afterward, i would think, "i should've told her his grandma picks him up OR i should've told her ______ (like little things the regular teacher already knew that i didn't have to say).

it would make it a lot more comfortable if the parents knew her name so they could say, " must be _______. (your name) told me about you. blah blah blah."

if you decide not to email then i think you should personally introduce every parent to your new assistant to break the ice. you may do that anyway - i dunno how big your daycare is.

if you did plan on telling them in person BEFORE she ever started working - i don't think it would matter so much if you email or tell them in person - although i think emailing would give them more time to think over any questions they might have - and some people find it easier to say what they REALLY wanna say or ask through email.

oh, and i wouldn't say in the email that she will be there while you're gone. i'd give them a chance to meet her and get an impression FIRST and then email or tell them after the inital meeting/first impressions.
originalkat 12:19 PM 08-08-2010
I would introduce her through a letter or email as well.
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