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MommyMuffin 01:09 PM 10-12-2010
I am getting in the mood for christmas already and I am most excited about my first year having a daycare christmas. The thing about daycare that gets me most excited are the holiday activities.
I wanted to know what are some fun things to make with daycare children? I do not have SA so it would have to be something for the 5 and under ages. movies they you have parties...presents..what do you do with the tree and those little babies crawling around and pulling on it? I am just imagining how I can make the best christmas for my little group!
AfterSchoolMom 01:26 PM 10-12-2010
If you have a separate daycare area in your home, get a tabletop Christmas tree and keep it out of reach of the babies. If not, then get soft ornaments and attach them to the branches with pipe cleaners, or use the XL play yard gates to make a barrier between them and the tree. I've even tethered my tree to the wall when my kids were younger to keep them from pulling it over.
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