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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Off To The Pumpkin Patch Today!
newtodaycare22 05:38 AM 10-22-2010
Anyone else taken their kids? I have all 3's today and they are are so excited. I'm looking forward to it too
BentleysBands 05:47 AM 10-22-2010
awesome! have a wonderful time!!

we are going next is the Fire House and Smoke House for fire safety month
DCMomOf3 06:13 AM 10-22-2010
My kids love that trip! I hope you have a wagon.

Have a fabulous time!
SandeeAR 06:45 AM 10-22-2010
Looking forward to mine being old enough to do those sort of things. I have one 2 y/o, 11 mo, 7 months and 3 months. I know the 2 y/o misses out on doing things with me, but her parents understand the 3 mo is theirs too. She does lots of outings with her family tho.
Blackcat31 06:55 AM 10-22-2010
We go every year. I have my substitute come and watch all the kids who are not in diapers and I partner up with another daycare around the block and we hire the local bus line to come pick us all up and go together. We do the corn maze, petting zoo area, wagon/hay ride, crafts, have hot cider and snacks and then pick a pumpkin! The kids LOVE it!
I feel sort of bad because that is about the extent of our Halloween festivities because I hate Halloween! It is my birthday (reference to my user name) so I have just always hated the holiday......maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was 6 when I found out the whole hoopla put on was not really for me!! LOL!
We do some fun crafts and recipe's and such, but I'm sure the kids can tell that my heart is really not all into it. It is my least favorite holiday.
Live and Learn 08:54 AM 10-22-2010
We went last week and had a blast.
the kiddos all got to bring home pumpkins.
momofsix 09:02 AM 10-22-2010
We're going today too! The weather is supposed to be great, and I have 4 of my older daughters to help out!
Have fun Newtodaycare!!!
Preschool/daycare teacher 06:10 PM 10-22-2010
We went today, also!
Crystal 06:24 PM 10-22-2010
I LOVE this time of year and going to the Pumpkin Patch. This year, we had a Family Day. It was last weekend. All of our families met with us at Apple Hill, about an hour way, last Saturday. We provided a picnic lunch and did a Nature Walk, pumpkin and apple picking, fed the farm animals, hay maze, collected leaves for our science area.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this time of year!!!!!
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