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cillybean83 05:43 PM 01-31-2011
OMG...I have tried *forever* to fill my spots (ok, more like since November...but still) so I had dcg 15 months, and I wanted to fill my 3 other spots

**I signed up a 7 week old
**now I have an interview Wednesday with a 10 week old
**NOW I have an 8 week old interested, it would only be PT, 3 days a week for 2 months...

I would be at capacity BUT I would have 3 infants for a couple months, so I'm going to have my mother come out and help on those days, she could use the $$ since my dad retired

It's crazy!!! Once the pt tiny tot goes after 2 months, a 7 year old will be starting. I don't usually take older kids but it's summer time, my kid is 8 and homeschooled so it would be good for him to have a friend to hang with.
KEG123 05:49 PM 01-31-2011
Whew! Wears me out just thinking about all those littles! At least you have your mom! Thank goodness for that!
cillybean83 05:55 PM 01-31-2011
she lives for cuddling babies, and all of my dcks and dcps love her to bits, she's like a 3rd grammy lol
Abigail 10:26 PM 01-31-2011
I would LOVE to have just three infants total, but wow, do these parents know each other? I bet they were in the hospital together. ha ha. BTW, do you charge more for infants? I absolutely love the young young ones because they are easy to diaper change and only need formula/b-milk and sleep. They usually smell really good too! Aww, can I come over? LOL
Stacy214 03:53 AM 02-01-2011
I love babies too!!!! I would take a house full of them vs toddlers or older lol.....I really think it's a baby boom once again. I have 2 and 2 coming soon!
SilverSabre25 05:12 AM 02-01-2011
The title of the post is how I felt a few weeks ago when 1 dcm told me she was 17 weeks pg (and STILL doesn't look pg), later that day another told me she was 6 weeks, and a third told me they're trying. Add my OWN baby into that....yikes!

Good luck! At least they're all close enough in age that you should be able to have them on identical schedules and that should help immensely!
MommyMuffin 05:41 AM 02-01-2011
In July I will have my own newborn, a 5 month old and a 11 month old, as well as a 2 yo and 2 3yos.

I am excited to have all the babies here. I too wish I could just do infants. My mom is going to help with the little ones until the 11 mo turns 1 yr. She has to take all these classes first though, I think its a little silly just for 1 month of helping but that is licensing.

I charge way more for infant care because I can only have a few of them and because I can charge more.
Cat Herder 05:49 AM 02-01-2011
I have a cuddly 6 week old in my arms as we speak, such a smiley little it! I also have 3 11-12 month olds, and a couple 2yr olds... Just a fun group

I can't wait until warmer weather, it is going to be so much fun!
cillybean83 06:10 AM 02-01-2011
i just called state, even though i'm unlicensed i still try to get their opinion sometimes and to check out if i'm following the unlicensed rules...they said that age wasn't a factor, I could have a max of 4 unrelated...I was shocked! I told them I have a 16 month old, and I could potentially have THREE tiny infants, they said as long as they have their own sleeping space (i.e. not putting 2 babies in 1 crib) then it was legal, and when I said my mom would come help out on days where I had all 3 babies they were like "if you have an assistant you can have 7 unrelated. Holy moly I would die with 7 dcks in this house lol
littlemonkeys 06:19 AM 02-01-2011
I love babies too. They tend be a little easier sometimes and hopefully they will grow with you're daycare... a secured space for around 2 years or so.

All my kids here are all under 2, i have a FT 20 mo, my LO FT 18 mo, FT 9 mo (just gave notice), PT 8 mo (premature, acts like he's 4 or 5 mo), PT 3 mo. I always tend to get calls for infants... The older kids are usually already set in a dc. And since I've put an ad out this week I've only been getting calls for 2 and 3 year olds. I'm really surprised.

I usually don't charge more for infants, but they don't get a discount when they older either. I figure when they're older your buying food, supplies for crafts, curriculum, etc. So it kind of all evens out for me.
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