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Meeko 10:24 AM 02-03-2012
How did you get started? How can you tell if local farmers are organic or not? Is there some sort of registry? I see organic stuff in the stores, but it's twice the price and that scares me, although I would love to get healthier food on the table for both my family AND my day care kids.

Any hints much appreciated! It's something I want to look into, but don't know where to start.
bice99 10:31 AM 02-03-2012
Yes, yes. Please share Especially when it's not farmer's market season. I always buy organic and local there.
VTMom 10:36 AM 02-03-2012
I eased into it due to the sticker shock! I had to break down the increase in cost per day to get my husband on board (it's easier to swallow when broken down that way). I first focused on the "dirty dozen" (peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, pears, imported grapes, spinach, lettuce and potatoes). We also buy local grass fed beef direct from the farmer and organic chicken from the store. The chicken was a tough sell to my husband because the price is twice as much. My argument was is it worth the additional $5 for healthy food for your family (how can argue with that?)? Once I became comfortable with my increased bill, I continued adding as much as I could. I'm not 100% organic, but I'm getting as close as I can!

Around here farmers advertise as organic. If they don't, I assume they're not. I also have a garden that I grow organically, so we're all set for the summer for the most part. Farmers also have CSA's where you can buy shares of their produce. I'm not sure if that's something that's available in your area.

Good luck!
cheerfuldom 12:58 PM 02-03-2012
at this point, we will be saving money from buying a cow by the half and deep freezing for the year. we can get local meat and it is better quality and humanely butchered. sometimes going with these type of food options is not more expensive.
greenhouse 01:19 PM 02-03-2012
I offer "mostly organic and always all natural". Doing 100% organic just can't always happen. Some things like fruit, flour, corn products, milk and eggs are a must for me. I stopped serving anything from cans due to BPA, even canned organic. Organic cheese is not an option with the price, but Cabot cheddars are RBgH free and it goes on sale often.I have a large organic garden which helps with cost-seed starting means a tons of organics produce for pennies. AND when it's on sale STOCK UP SISTER we are vegetarian but I would spend for organic meat.
AmyLeigh 02:12 PM 02-03-2012
For the most bang for your buck, look for local growers who use organic methods, but are not USDA organic. The government makes it sooooo difficult for these hard working folks to use the word "organic". The USDA actually owns that word, and it can not be used unless growers went through all of the red tape and paid out the ying-yang to get certified. USDA certified organic growers have to charge more for their products to cover the overhead increase from the USDA rigamarole.
Those who are not certified, but use all natural/organic/biodynamic methods will let you know. You will get the same quality at a lower price. The ones I have had the privilege of knowing are very passsionate about their crops and what methods they choose. They are the reason I became more educated about the benefits of organic/locally grown/biodynamic foods.
nannyde 03:09 PM 02-03-2012
godiva83 08:13 PM 02-03-2012
I too am making the switch to try to be 100% organic.
For me I found using a local CSA - community supported agriculture that was organic was the easiest way to transition in. I only receive what's in season or what they have in their green house so at times I need to supplement. I mean one week a got a big whack of bock Choy and cawliflower so needless to say I added in.
I get my meat in 'bulk' as in half a cow sort of idea and freeze it. I also buy in season and freeze.
For me meat, and dairy I splurge on as I feel it is important to have organic and no additives like growth hormones - eww

On a side note, becareful just because they say 'organic' sometimes they aren't. Or you buy apples from an orchard that has organic and non organic and organic is down wind - they will still get all the pesticides and chemicals blown over ( sorry expierences this in the fall and had to laugh)
Meeko 09:18 PM 02-03-2012
I guess I'll start slow...adding a few more organic things each shop day and get used to the price increase slowly!

My husband and son don't think it's food unless it's battered and deep fried...sigh......I love salads and fruits etc, but find myself cooking what they like best and eating it myself anyway. And I am too tired at the end of the day to have two meals on the table. Gonna have to really plan this out.....
MN Mom 07:00 AM 02-04-2012
My husband and I are in the experimental stages of starting a CSA in S.Minnesota. This summer (2012) we have a few families we will be giving away food to -- so we can gauge for next year how much of what to plant, when, and the popularity of it in our area. I'm very excited to start this, and have a bit more confidence in the popularity of it after reading this thread
Countrygal 08:14 AM 02-04-2012
Any way you look at it, organic has to be better.

Here in rural WI, as the other thread said, it's pretty hard to get organic produce in the store. Unless I feed my dcks lettuce four times a day I couldn't begin to make the meal requirements.

However, we do have a lot of other choices, there are many Amish in the area who grow produce all naturally and I grow a huge garden myself.

It is fairly easy to find beef, pork and sometimes even chicken that has been raised without hormones or any chemicals. They may have been wormed once or twice, but other than that, they've basically been raised organically, or even grass-fed.

I can even get all natural buffalo by the half! My goal is to get one in my freezer by next fall!

But fruit is almost impossible to find unless, like bbo said, you travel an hour to LaCrosse.

I even have an organic outlet store about 45 minutes from me where I can pick up cases of organic meat at reduced rates! And it's a beautiful drive to boot! Organic Valley is centered in LaFarge, not far from me.
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