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JeepGirl6 07:44 AM 05-31-2012
I had two interviews tonight, still have the one but not the other. The one I will have can only pay $32 a day(wanted to pay $30, but I told her the best I could do was $32...she has another interview with someone in the same area that will charge her $30, her current child care provider is moving, she is paying $26 there), they need someone 4 days T-F, I usually charge $40 a day. I have had 5 interviews in the past 2 months, and most of them have said I am not in their budget so my fiance thinks I need to lower my rates to $32 for the first 8 hours and $4 an hour after 8 hours. I am struggling financially right now so I figure this will help me out. The other family that was suppose to come, she needed me from 7:30-6:30, I close at 5:30. I told her during the phone interview I would stay open until 6:30( for financial reasons) but after REALLY thinking about it I don't want to work that long, my first child arrives at 6:15am. So I emailed the mother asking her if she would be able to bring the child earlier to pick up by 5:30 but she is not able to so the interview is canceled.....Did I do the right thing by lowering my price for the one family and losing the interview with the other because I don't want to stay open until 6:30??

Edited: I have had my child care open for 3.5 years. At first I was charging $35 a day, then raised it to $40 a day January 2011. I do not have any full time children at the moment, all part time 1-3 days a week. I would LOVE to have full time children!
MyAngels 08:20 AM 05-31-2012
There is no way I would stay open an hour past my closing time, so I don't blame you there.

As far as your rates go, have you done any type of rate survey, or asked your CCRRN if they have rates for your area? If your rates are in line with what others are charging, then I wouldn't change them. If they are not, you should consider getting closer to what others are charging for similar programs to yours. You can always raise rates after you get an established client base.
DCBlessings27 08:21 AM 05-31-2012
I think you did the right thing. When you're first starting, you might not be able to charge as much as once you've become established. In my city, it also depends on your location. I'm in the nicer part of my city, and I charge $30 more per week than some other licensed daycares here in the south part of our town.

When you're first starting, you might have to make some compromises. I took pt when I started. I also only charged per day. When I changed to weekly, I offered a discount to the current parents. I've been open for almost 3 years, and I'm finally at a good rate. However, rates still vary even in my area. I'm $10 more per week than a daycare down the road, and $30 more than a daycare just a couple blocks away.
SilverSabre25 09:54 AM 05-31-2012
Yes, i think you did the right thing...not because there's a right/wrong answer, but because you stood by what YOU are willing to do.

I'm in Ohio and am only able to charge about 24 a day, so it varies widely by location.
DaisyMamma 10:00 AM 05-31-2012
That's what I would do. It's not worth $8 to stay open an hour late every day. Take the other family.
momofboys 10:29 AM 05-31-2012
You did the right thing - you would have ended up resenting closing so much later, especially when you have children arriving early in the a.m. I am aso in Ohio & there is no way I could charge what you do. My FT kids pay about $23/day & the part-timers $26/day. I'm jealous that you get customers at such "high rates" (good for you!) -but maybe you should do as your fiance suggested & lower them a bit.
EchoMom 03:37 PM 05-31-2012
I am in Ohio, I charge $35/day.
EntropyControlSpecialist 04:30 PM 05-31-2012
My full-timers pay $29/day. My part-timers pay $33.
Kym2098 06:31 PM 05-31-2012
I think you did the right thing. I couldn't possibly stay open unil 630 and be happy about it.

Charge a flat fee $45 a day. I live in Northern NJ.
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