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My4SunshineGirlsNY 03:23 AM 06-07-2012
I run a very small home daycare, only 2 families. I really like the family that generates most of my income (the other family is only part time).

However, I'm getting rather annoyed with the whole drop off pick up times that are highly inconsistant with NO communication at all. Mostly the drop off time....they know they are the only family that comes very early in the morning, the drop off times range from 5:45-7am.

a couple days ago the kids did not come until 7am. So instead of setting my alarm for 5:30, I set it for 5:45, well wouldn't you know they were knocking on the door at 5:45 the next morning and I haven't even brushed my hair. So last night I set my alarm for 5:30 and here it is 6:20 and they are not here yet.

I know I need to speak up and say something, but honestly, I find it a bit rude that I would have to mention something because to me if I have to say something, they don't find anything wrong with the lack of communication or wide swings of the drop off time so early in the morning. It would be considerate to send me a text to let me know they would be coming later. Yes I know I run a business but why would I wake up at 5:30 if nobody was coming until 7??

I'm just highly annoyed, very thankful to be working back at home to be with my kids, but annoyed with this issue.
DaisyMamma 04:18 AM 06-07-2012
I can see how you might not want to encourage a consistent 545 drop of everyday, so what I would do is ask DCP to text you when they leave their house. Sleep with the phone next to you and get up when it goes off.
It will help. I have a DCF who has inconsistent pickups and I have them do this. It keeps me from getting annoyed.
Crazy8 04:40 AM 06-07-2012
They aren't going to know if you don't discuss it with them. First, What does your contract say???
It is hard because obviously you don't want to be up and ready before its necessary, but if they are contracted for 5:45am then they really can come any time after that. You can have something in your contract about informing you if they are going to be late, etc. but you'd probably already be up and ready when you got that info (hate when that happens!). You can try asking them to let you know the evening before what their ETA is for the next morning but some probably won't appreciate that either.
But no matter what, they won't have a clue its a bother unless you talk to them!!!
Breezy 06:09 AM 06-07-2012
I have a family that sometimes goes in later than the contracted time and I was having problems with as she was sleeping in with no communication and 9 or 10 rolled around (drop off is 7) and I didnt hear anythong. So I went ahead and made plans and she didnt like that too much.

So now they are required to let me know BEFORE their drop off time if they are going to be late otherwise when drop off rolls around and they arent here I may not be when they decide to mosey in over.

But its irrelevant now since my new FT family drops off at 6am so I am no longer catching those extra Zs in he morning.
Mom&Provider 06:36 AM 06-07-2012
I can see how that would be a bit annoying, especially given it is pretty early and why get up if you don't have too!?

I agree with the pp'ers who said if you don't say something, they don't know! Start there, explain that you need a consistant drop off time and let them know you get up a certain time to start prep and when they come in at different times, it makes that planning difficult, not to mention it's early and some days some added sleep is appreciated!
My4SunshineGirlsNY 07:53 AM 06-07-2012
I spoke with the mom this morning, I just asked her to text me when the kids will get dropped off each morning, so that if it is later I can just hop in the shower and get ready instead of waiting around. She was understanding, I guess when you're on the daycare provider end you think "how can they be so inconsiderate" but when you're on the working family end you just focus on getting your own kids out the door and whatever works for you to get to work on time.

I know, I have been on both ends, I just needed to vent this morning.
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