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Newmom 03:18 PM 07-09-2012
Hello everybody,
I was hoping to get some help on a feeding schedule for my son.
He just turned 1 an we are currently working on switching him from formula to milk.
He is doing really good an has a great appetite for solid foods. ( We are passed the pure stage at this point)
We had a good schedule going but it is time to move on and I know that he will not be able to drink as much milk as formula like he is used to.
We are currently doing 20%formula 80% Milk Ratio so by next week we should be all milk.
Here is his schedule right now.
6-6:30 Morning Bottle 7 oz at Home
8-8:30 Breakfast at daycare
10-10:30- Bottle 5-6oz at daycare
12-12:30 Lunch w/snack at daycare
2-2:30 Bottle 5-6oz at Daycare
5-5:30 Dinner at Home
7:30-8pm Bottle at home 7oz

I know that once we go 100% milk it should be only as a drink so he can't drink 24 oz of it a day. My son acts so differently in daycare then he does at home. On the weekends he takes longer naps and I know when he is hungry and when he had enough. I guess what I'm scared of is to write a solid schedule and demend for them to follow it if I'm not sure myself. Also I know that it has to work for my son.
I also have to mantion that he is still in the infant room, they will not move him to the toddler room until end of August. I think once he moves to that room he will do a lot better with his naps and the schedule but what should I do for now.
I was trying to eliminate the 2pm bottle replace it with bigger snack like yogurt which I did at home and it worked . I wrote the new schedule including snack instead of bottle and nobody followed it. They still gave him bottle at 2pm. This is what got me to question myself? I'm a new mom with no experience and nobody to really ask fo advice those people are doing this for a long time but maybe because he is still in an infant room they are so used to just doing everything on demend. I was trying to ask one of the teachers as there is another boy in class 2 weeks younger then my son but she couldn't or didn;t want to give me any specifics about his feeding schedule. They just always say " Wirte the schedule"
I'm sorry about such a long post but I would really appreciate some imput.

PS. I also tried just sippy cup with milk but he will only drink water out of it milk he just spits it out.
Thank you
cheerfuldom 04:25 PM 07-09-2012
I think you should ask about the expectations in the toddler room. Are bottles allowed or do they have to be on sippies? Is milk only offered at meal times or do they still want individualized schedules for the younger toddlers? Will your son be expected to eat "family style" meaning everyone at the same time on the same schedule?

Whatever it is that they do in the toddler room, now is the time to transition to that if you can. I would imagine that things will change with the transition and I would hate for you to alter his schedule only to have it altered again in August. The best thing for kids would be to have that consistency between home and daycare.
renodeb 07:25 AM 07-10-2012
In my experience kids in my care seem to get enough to drink when they switch to milk (most are switching to a sippy around the same time) Your child should be getting most of his calories and nutrition from solid food now. I wouldnt worry to much about howmuch he drinks. I would ask about how he is doing with a cup at dc. I tend to offer them a drink at meals and a sometimes between meals which seem to be enough.
Talk with your dc and tell express your concerns. From what I read he is getting plenty enough to drink!
Nana3 03:22 AM 07-11-2012
really? are you right?
preeti22 04:27 AM 07-30-2012
When we are decide for formulated feeding that time we are facing more problems like How to start it, what kind of product should start and most of time some parents couldn't find which one will be best.
youretooloud 10:25 AM 07-30-2012
Maybe write out the schedule, but then add "Or when he wants it". Or "If he seems hungry".

Possibly you can make the times more varied, like "Between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m" so that way, they are feeding him on demand, not at the exact same time every day.

I saw a parent online the other day, who also had to write out her infant daughter's schedule, but the baby didn't really have a schedule yet. So, it was hard to come up with a schedule when the teachers should be able to figure it out. A schedule should just be "here's kind of how it goes at home, but, feel free to wing it on your own".

I understand though, that it's probably some regulation now, and not just the center's idea.
MommieNana4 06:45 PM 07-30-2012
I'm not sure how it works at a center and everyone doing family childcare in their home do their program differently. Around 8 or 9 months I purchase a sippy cup (that has a "natural nipple" feel) and continue with the formula. When they turn 1, they go to regular whole milk and a regular cup. Too many transitions in a short period of time (or not if parents prolong things for whatever reason).
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