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pappyny 01:25 PM 07-28-2012
Hello fellow providers -

I need some help making a decision about a table. I recently sold my daycare table to purchase a regular table (the one I use for our learning activities) that I am having my husband refinish for me. I was going to have him cut down the legs to make it child height and use child size chairs. I have been searching for child size chairs and cannot find anything that I like. I am really trying to do away with all things plastic in my daycare. I found chairs in the color I want, but not the style, so I was considering just having him leave the table normal height (legs are 28 1/2") and using regular size chairs. I know that the kids I have enrolled use normal chairs at home for dinner and things like that. I could add a cushion or booster seat if necessary to give some added height. I am also starting before and after school care this year
2-5yr. olds and 1 6 yr. old, plus my 4 children ages 6-12. It would make it easier for them to do school work. The other children would only be there for my preschool program, ages 3-5. We use this table for all their learning activites, crafts etc.
Do you think this is a bad idea that I would regret down the road? Should I just stick with the regular idea of cutting down the legs and get over the fact that I don't like the chairs?

(Sorry if it seems like I bounced around a lot to explain all this)

e.j. 02:42 PM 07-28-2012
I use a regular size table/chairs and it works fine for me. If a child is a bit too young to sit in a chair without tumbling out, I just put a booster on until the child is a little older and capable of sitting without one. The only issue I have is the wear and tear on my chairs since it's in the dining area and we use it for meals ourselves. They take a beating from buckles and snaps on shoes and clothing as well as kids standing on the rungs to climb up onto the chair and down again.

I've found that one of the advantages of a regular size table is that when the older kids are doing arts and crafts, the younger ones who are old enough to walk around on their own but too young to understand boundaries can't reach the table and get into the paint and glue.
spud912 04:36 PM 07-28-2012
I have a kids table, but we also use our kitchen table for daycare. Between meals and activities I don't want the little ones to get into, we actually use the kitchen table a lot more.
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