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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Was Looking Forward to Giving Notice for My Screamer Tomorrow
Breezy 04:20 PM 07-29-2012
And then my other part time family tells me that her assignment is up at work and is not sure when her new job will start. Good thing I didn't find out after I gave notice but ugh!!! This happened last time, I was all set to term and then I find out DCM schedule changed!

We need the money for groceries since DH check pays everything else I was feeling so much better and liberated when I decided to term and now this I am filled with dread again.
cheerfuldom 06:10 PM 07-29-2012
oh no!!! hope it all works out quickly
DaisyMamma 04:39 AM 07-30-2012
Thats terrible, but really good that you found out before terming
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