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Cozy_Kids_Childcare 11:34 AM 08-15-2012
Do you tell parents out right that you are in the process of changing your contract or do you just hand it to them? I let two of my parents know that I have decided to go back to using a contract and that they can expect it to go home next week. I did forget to tell 1 set of parents because they weren't here at all last week and then dad has picked up this week while the baby was sleeping and I was feeding older kids lunch so it wasn't a good time to say something. Should I tell them or should I just hand it out when they come next week along with the others? I am giving them from August 20 to September 4 to have it signed and returned or to give two weeks notice.
Abigail 11:36 AM 08-15-2012
Can't you type up a newsletter and simply say that your childcare home is creating a contract for all families which will be done shortly for them? I would at least tell the parent that you're in the process of finishing a contract to keep up to date on things and have everything in writing and keep it simple. Good luck!
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