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Lilbutterflie 02:03 PM 10-15-2012
My 23 mo DCB has a fairly decent vocabulary; but he still does not speak clearly at all. Most of the problem is that he does not put consonants at the end of his words. The only one he sometimes uses is the n sound at the end. And he often uses the wrong consenant sounds in the words he says. For example, here is a random bit of his vocab and what he says:

Lion- Wiewie (using the long I sound)
This- Di
Blue- boo
Green- gee
Done- Du
Mouth- Mow
Cat- Ca
Corbin- (someone's name here) Gogin

I have tried, ever since he learned to talk, over-pronouncing the ending sounds. Every time I talk to him, I repeat the word he says with the correct ending sound or consonant that he is mispronouncing. Still to no avail.

He also is not really saying two word sentences yet. Very rarely, I might hear two words linked together after a pause. Like this: "Ca (car). (pause) Boo (Blue)." But never do I hear a 2 word sentence structure like I'm used to hearing from a two year old, like "Hi Mama!" or "My toy." KWIM?

Just wondering if there are any others who have trouble with their ending consonants at this age? What more can I do to help? I've already tried talking to mom about this, but she doesn't seem concerned.
lovemykidstoo 02:46 PM 10-15-2012
I have a 2 yr old boy here also that does the same thing if he's even speaking at all. He talks very little and usually doesn't put words together to form a sentence. I worry about him too.

P.S. I have a Corbin too!
Brooksie 03:14 PM 10-15-2012 This blog has a ton of activities focused on speech and vocabularies that can easily be worked into a curriculum and fun for all the kids whether they need the extra help or not. Definitely worth checking out
daycarediva 03:15 PM 10-15-2012
I have two two year olds who speak exactly like this. Both are developmentally fine.

I have another two year old who speaks in full sentences and can tell me the beginning, middle and end of a story (with details)

all are born within three months of each other. The parents of one dcb with limited speech are HYPER concerned about it. They got him evaluated. They got a 2nd opinion. FINALLY asked them why they were so concerned. They were worried because DCB born a month later talks like a 4 year old.

Now, my other dcb with 'limited' speech just points and Mom guesses. He is the oldest of the bunch and it is SOOO aggravating to me watching her guess 30 things around the room while he points and grunts. I am ALWAYS telling him to "Use your words ________" even in front of his mother.
dave4him 03:15 PM 10-15-2012
Sounds normal, two doesnt have to be perfect, 8 i would wonder
jojosmommy 07:51 AM 10-16-2012
If evaluated this child MIGHT recieve services that focus on "last consonent deletion". Its actually a speech term used to describe in more detail what speech issues a kiddo has. There is also "first consonent deletion" and a whole host of other speech terms to descibe whats happening.

At 2 in our area the speech issue has to be combined with other issues or delays or be very severe to recieve services.

I would work on speaking clearly and slow enough for this child to hear the last consonent when you talk. I talk fast so I can imagine I am not a good role model for this issue unless I was very purposeful about my speech. I woukd let it be, more exposure more growth. If it continues as the child ages it may warrant a follow up.
EntropyControlSpecialist 09:28 AM 10-16-2012
I would suggest they get him evaluated if you can. The ECI services end at 3 in our area, and I would hate for them to miss out on free assistance.
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