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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>So I Am Giving Out Rate Increase Letters Today - I Always Get Nervous
crazydaycarelady 09:08 AM 11-07-2012
I have about half my families paying the new rate and about half (longtimers) paying the old rate. The old-timers rate is going up $3/per day to match the newcomers rate.

I work hard, am beyond full, and have great word of mouth. Honestly, if someone leaves over this it is no skin off my teeth. I have 2 preggo dcms and two more told me they were preggo yesterday. I have never had anyone leave over a rate increase.

So why do I get so nervous?
lil angels 09:11 AM 11-07-2012
It's always hard to do but it sounds like you got this covered. And if someone does leave you have others to fill no big deal.
Lucy 11:13 AM 11-07-2012
If you are in a position where it wouldn't matter if some/all left, then I say go for it and don't feel bad.

If it were me, I canNOT afford to lose anyone. I think I may have raised it $2/day at the most.

I actually did just do a rate increase. Same type thing as you, where my old-timers were paying less than newer families. I have 4 families, and 2 are old-timers. The new ones pay by the week because I decided to change to that system a year and a half ago when they both started. The older ones still pay monthly. I raised each of them by $30/month, which would translate to about $6.92/week, or about $1.38/day. And I must agree with you.... I was nervous as heck giving it to them!! The following Monday, one of them found out she has breast cancer. Now I feel horrible about it.
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