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juliebug 07:25 AM 12-04-2012
I had a 1yr old get the vaccine and a week later she had spots all over her tummy and forehead. she never had a fever or seamed sick mom even called the doctor and they said she could be at daycare and it might be from her mmr shot.

so fast forward this week my other baby 10m has spots all over her tummy had not been feeling well with diarrhea, and puked on mom last night. so now i am thinking she could possible have chicken pox from other child that doc said could be at daycare how much can i tell this mom and should i have her take her dd to the doc??

I also have 3 other babies her too! ugh! i don't want them all the catch it!
youretooloud 07:33 AM 12-04-2012
Without seeing the spots, It's hard to say.

Honestly, I don't think chicken Pox is usually a big deal. I don't even exclude with chicken pox. Before the shot, it was inevitable, and all the kids would catch it at one time, so I never excluded any of them.

I would exclude the child who was feeling sick though. Especially since she was throwing up too.

Illnesses happen. It's nobody's fault usually... if the child was acting fine, had no other symptoms but spots, what else can you do? It's part of kids being together.

(it could also be hand foot mouth, which seems to be getting worse over the years, and never seems to be on only the hands or feet anymore)
AnneCordelia 07:37 AM 12-04-2012
My daughter recieved the chicken pox vaccine by accident (was supposed to be Dtap but nurse screwed up). It is a live vaccine which means shedding is a risk. My three sons and two daycare kids caught chicken pox, and our doctor thinks it was from her shedding the virus. TWo of my sons came down with cp about 2 weeks after she was vaccinated andthe other kids got it from those two boys and displayed symptoms about 12 days after initial exposure to them.
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