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youretooloud 11:10 AM 12-31-2012
Edited: I meant Minute Menu kids...not calender keeper. (we can't use mm for our food program here anyway)

Is there another online or downloadble way to keep track of weekly payments and tax info so I don't have to write it down myself?

Do you have a website or program you like? I tried Calender Keeper and thought it was tedious and expensive.
MarinaVanessa 12:56 PM 12-31-2012
I don't sorry. I've only tried MMK and wouldn't go back to anything else. I first got to try it because of my food program and loved it but the food program version was limited to the options (couldn't accept electronic payments etc) so I started paying for the MMK Pro version even though I was using the MMK version for the food program (two separate accounts).

Is there another reason why you don't want to use MMK Pro? I know you said your food program doesn't use it but that doesn't mean that you still can't use it. It really makes record keeping extremely easy and doing your taxes a breeze. You can keep track of child's information, attendance, meal counts, payments from clients, utility costs etc. It also has an activity planner, meal planner, daily reports, a chart maker, a certificate maker and a resource center.

The program is pretty easy to use and when you add a child you can enter and keep track of all of the child's info like name, birthday (keeps track of the child's age), the child's scheduled hours, address, physical features, parent info, emergency contacts, medical information (including vaccinations), how much you charge them etc. You can invoice parents and they can log in to check their balances or print receipts (for free) and accept electronic payments (for $1 per transaction).

You also enter in all of your facility info like square footage, license number, EIN or SSN and as you keep track of attendance it automatically figures out your time/space% for you. In the Accounting section you can even add the time you spend doing business related things in your home when the daycare kids are not there and it updates your time/space%. You can bill parents and record payments, record other income (like food program or subsidy), record your vehicle mileage and record expenses. With expenses you pick whether the expense was 100% business or shared (for time/space%) and it automatically formulates everything together in reports that you print at the end of the year for taxes. I don't know what I would do without MMK Pro and my tax specialist loves me for it too, she says that it makes everything so much easier on her and it gets my taxes done so much faster.
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