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Saulgoodman 07:42 AM 01-15-2013
What's up guys. I start working at a brand new Daycare on monday. I will be in charge of eight four year olds. In order to kick things off with these little people i am going to do a unit o families. However I am limited to ideas at the moment. I have gone online and searched up things but some of the ideas I have seen are lame.

Has anyone done a family unit?
Blackcat31 07:51 AM 01-15-2013
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melilley 08:11 AM 01-15-2013
Hi! Family trees are fun to do with the 4 year olds! Once we asked for pictures of the children's families and we made a trunk of a tree with branches and put it on the wall. We then put the children's pictures up on the branches, grouped together by family. The kids loved seeing their family pictures and were proud to show everyone! You could ask about their families and post what they say by their pics. Or you could ask for a group family pic. and put them in picture frames and ask the kids to tell you about their family and write word for word what they said and post it next to the pic.
butterfly 10:11 AM 01-15-2013
I love the user name! fellow Breaking Bad fan?

I have a family unit with my Mother Goose Time curriculum. It branches out with a different type of family member each day - sister, brother, aunt, etc. even into family pets. The kids make a basic family tree... Nothing too new and spectacular with it.

You could maybe expand into different cultures, traditions...
Saulgoodman 11:24 AM 01-15-2013
Thanks guy. I have been out of the child care game for about 4 months and I'm feeling sort of rusty at all this. and Yes, Breaking bad rules.
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