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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Told Them This Is My Last Year!
bunnyslippers 05:36 AM 02-05-2013
Well, I finally did it. I told all my families that I am closing down in June for good. I feel such a huge sense of relief and freedom! They are all teachers, so I don't expect any of them to leave before the end of the year. All of them were super supportive ~ in fact, they are all offering to help me find a teaching job in any way they can. One of my dcms revealed she is pregnant with twins and will be taking off the full year. If I can't get my own full-time teaching job, she suggested that I cover her maternity leave for the year she is out. It would actually be great ~ she teaches first grade in the school where my oldest will be in first grade.

I still have 4 and a half months to go, but I am so excited to start this next chapter! I have signed my three your old up for preschool, and am getting all my ducks in a row. What a good feeling!!!!!!
Kym2098 06:19 AM 02-05-2013
Happy for you!
Mom&Provider 07:59 AM 02-05-2013
Wow that's great all around!
Blackcat31 08:28 AM 02-05-2013
Cool! I am glad you have jumped the hardest hurdle. I am glad it was a weight lifted for you!
MarinaVanessa 08:31 AM 02-05-2013
That sounds awesome ... may the next chapter in your life be as much if not more successful than the last one
canadiancare 08:34 AM 02-05-2013
That is really exciting! Congratulations and good luck
daycarediva 09:28 AM 02-05-2013
How exciting! I am so happy your parents were supportive of you!
EntropyControlSpecialist 09:30 AM 02-05-2013
I am so happy that your clients are being supportive! How wonderful!!!
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