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daycare 05:08 PM 02-06-2014
I had to give DCP a not so good report about her child. The one I posted about earlier. I tell DCM what went on, kid did not have a good day... I went into detail with her about it. Kid walked into the conversation. I go down to eye level and tell dck lets try to have a better day tomorrow. Kid makes excuses and I am trying to tell DCK how would it make you feel if your friends were mean to you, etc etc. Kid sees some cookies that were brought in my a DCP for a birthday we celebrated. I had them on the shelf by the door so that the other mom could take the rest home.

DCK says to mom I want one of those cookies, mind you were are in the middle of talking about how he was not nice to anyone. I tell him sorry, those are not mine, they are JOhnny's to take home for his birthday. Kid throws himself down on the ground, kicking and screaming for a cookie. I pick up the cookies and walk away with them.

DCM has the nerve to come after me asking me if he can have one. REALLY...............................................................I said, sorry they are not mine.

DCM tells DCK, I will take you to get icecream,

REALLY................what's a nice way to say what really needs to be said.

sorry I think that this might have been more of a vent.
VTMom 05:15 PM 02-06-2014
It's baffling. I had a DCM that, after receiving a bad report, would promise Junior that if he behaved from that point on, he could have XYZ. Ummm...yeah. Great lesson learned there!

What I would tell myself all the time, especially in regards to these situations, is you either pay now or pay later. And later is so much harder.
CraftyMom 05:36 PM 02-06-2014
So infuriating! I had a dcb who loved to go see the goats at a nearby farm with his mom. She used that daily to bribe him out of here since he didn't want to leave. Several times after me reporting how he misbehaved she said to me Oh I'm sorry, then turns to the dcb and says want to go see the goats? In front of the child, so he hears me tell his mom what he did then gets rewarded! So to him it's like well Mommy doesn't care, why should I? I still get to see the goats! and guess what?! The behavior continued much longer than it needed to, surprise, surprise!
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