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Daycare and Taxes>A/C Window Unit Q
wonderfullisa 07:17 AM 02-09-2014
My eyes have glazed over from learning taxes (first year).

Can anyone tell me how many years I depreciate an a/c window unit? The book specified for central air, so I'm thinking 7yr, but don't want to mess it up.
Blackcat31 08:29 AM 02-09-2014
Here are a few entries by Tom Copeland about this...maybe one of them has your answer.

The link above says depreciate as 7 year property....
"* Other Personal Property - 7 year property

Appliances (washer, dryer, freezer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, etc.), furniture (tables, chairs, sofa, lawn furniture, rocking chair, etc.), bookcase, dehumidifier, entertainment center, hand/power tools, ladder, lamps, lawn furniture, outdoor play equipment, picnic table, rocking chair, rug/carpet/vinyl flooring, television, swing set, window air conditioner, etc."
wonderfullisa 10:19 AM 02-09-2014
Oh, thank you!
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