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drseuss 04:28 PM 05-20-2014
I just interviewed my niece and her boyfriend for a spot for their little boy. I used to care for my niece and nephew full time when THEY were little. Then when my SIL was divorced & remarried & had another one I took care of her (my niece's half sister) for a while in the summers. This is the first time I've handed a family member an enrollment packet with a policy handbook and contract though. My niece and I are extremely close, but she is of a different generation than me and tends to be very casual about things. Details, to her, would not exist if they were not brought to her attention. Not sure if that is just my over the top need for complete communication on things or what. haha

Anyway, have any of you enrolled a family member and had it work out beautifully? I think this is going to, but I hope I am not being too idealistic. Right now their little boy is at a group center that is not very good at all and I know they break a lot of regulations. I DO NOT. So I hope that me NOT being casual about things does not come as a shock. My great nephew is a sweet little peanut smoochie muffin and I cannot wait to have him here!
SignMeUp 05:06 PM 05-20-2014
I've read on this forum that lots of people won't do family or friends.
But I have done so several times, and never had a problem. If you have any doubt that she will read and adhere to your rules, be straight with her when you go through it with her. Tell her you can't play favorites or it will not work out, that you have to apply all the rules to her and her child, just as you do with everyone else. It's only fair. "Special auntie stuff" can happen after hours.

I have no regrets from the many years that I had nieces, nephews and children of close friends here. Some of these children also ended up with special needs, and we handled that all pretty well too.

The hardest thing for me was that some of my child care families seemed to assume that I treated my friends' kids or my nieces and nephews better than I treated their own children. Whenever I encountered that, I addressed it, because I treated them just as I did my other child care children during child care hours. It wasn't difficult - I did the same with my own children.

I will say that not one single time did any of my relatives or friends pay me late (or not that I can remember, so it was never an issue), or come late (except due to weather that affected everyone) or push any major buttons for me. I think they knew not to cross that line. I did my best to make it clear, and tried to treat them with the same directness and respect that I used with all of my child care families.
jenboo 08:05 PM 05-20-2014
I enrolled my niece (sister's daughter) and I am about to cry because she is heading off to kindergarten
I do not have any regrets at all! I was upfront with my sister and told her that she will follow at the rules the same as everyone else.
I haven't had any issues.
Indoorvoice 06:12 AM 05-21-2014
I haven't enrolled family members yet, but 2 of my families are close friends of ours. It has worked out great so far. Since we talk all the time outside of daycare, I always know their changes in schedule way in advance and they always pay on time. We agreed before they signed my contact that we would keep our business relationship and our friendship separate. They are my best families because I made it clear that this is my business and my income and they respect that.
Meyou 08:02 AM 05-21-2014
I have a family member enrolled under the same terms as my other clients. I've had to have two little talks with her in the past 2 years about policies but other than that it's been a dream. I've had little talks with other great clients too! She follows the daycare rules to a T and we have different family rules for outside my business hours.
Blackcat31 08:21 AM 05-21-2014
I have NO issues enrolling family/friends.

I think it works fine for me because I am VERY clear that while on the job, they are clients first and family/friends AFTER.

I enforce my rules/policies and don't give breaks to them simply because they are family/friends.

Setting the stage in the beginning eliminates the issues that could pop up later.

Communication is also key.

Make sure she knows your expectations up front so you won't have to have "discussions" about stuff later.
renodeb 11:00 AM 05-21-2014
I' am going to be very honest so don't shoot the messenger! I would strongly caution any one against taking family or even a close friend. I have heard to many stories about things starting out fine then going really wrong. I think there really is a fine line between being business like and being friends. Most family members expect favors, or there to be an exception made in there case. (its just human nature) Especially if she is casual about other things. I would just make sure she is clear on your policies and good luck.
katzan 03:13 PM 05-22-2014
I did with my nephew, but I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. It was a very different situation. His mom kidnapped him for 2 years and I think she neglected him and now he shows signs of PTSD. He was way too aggressive to keep around, but, he is 2 and not a baby. That said, if my nephew got help and my brother got custody and wanted him to come back to me, I would do it.
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