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CraftyMom 07:34 AM 04-20-2015
Someone had posted a great activity schedule a while ago and now I can't find it!

Anyone have any schedules to share? I'm looking for ideas such as

Mondays - sensory bin
Tuesdays - painting

Things like that. I came up with my own, but want some other ideas too
childcaremom 09:08 AM 04-20-2015
I don't have anything set in stone at this point (just reopened and feeling out my group) but generally:
Yoga - tues/thurs
Art - every day whether it's painting, glue and scissors, crayons, markers. I generally offer supplies and tools and let them have at it
Sensory - every day whether it's the sensory bin, playdough, slimy goo, etc. I will plan to have a specific activity for a specific day.
Science - Mon/Fri. Usually involves something slimy or fizzy.

We sing songs every day, read all the time but mostly we are free play. I do set out learning trays each day and vary what the focus is (eg: math, literacy, etc) but these are things that are open for the children to do or not.
CraftyMom 09:50 AM 04-20-2015
Thanks! Mostly we do free play too.

I do not do circle time every day.

I'd like to have one structured activity for each day of the week, keeping it the same every week.

We are doing a letter of the week, but I only want to do it on Tues and Thurs.

So I want to create a schedule for myself, for the things that I do not do everyday. This is what I have

Monday - Sensory (could be rice bin, water beads, play dough, bubbles, etc)
Tuesday - Letter of the Week, circle time
Wednesday - Craft
Thursday - Letter of the Week, circle time
Friday - Group games (parachute, music and movement, etc)

Art supplies are available for use every day. We do a craft once a week, but they can cut, color, etc each day if they choose.
momofsix 07:23 AM 04-21-2015
I think this may be the one you're talking about that was posted earlier. I don't remember who posted it (sorry!) but I was thinking of doing something similar so copied it.

I like this idea or some version of it!
worktime....which is monday-craft
tues. fundamentals (names, letters, numbers)
Wed. science
thurs fundamentals(scissor use, fine motor
Friday math
CraftyMom 01:48 PM 04-21-2015
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