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Preschool/daycare teacher 07:08 PM 09-18-2015
I post a lot on here But you all have so much good advice and insight
I would like to set up a facebook page for the parents to be able to see pictures and posts about our day. But I don't want to give anyone the wrong idea on what I have going. I know my facebook friends will see the page and I don't want them to think I'm providing something I'm not. I also don't want other people to think I'm something I'm not. Currently I don't even have a name because I'm basically "babysitting" if you want to call it that. I am only going to be watching a very small number of children (5 or less. Probably more likely less), so I am legally unlicensed. So what could I put as a name for the facebook page that doesn't make people think of a licensed daycare center, or even an official home daycare? I want to somehow get the message across in the page title that I provide childcare and preschool for a very very few children, and not as am actual larger daycare. If I've made any sense in all that
nothingwithoutjoy 07:25 PM 09-18-2015
What do your kids say? Do they say "I'm going to '_____'s house' today?" That would surely convey family child care, not center care. If you do a business page, you set up categories under your name. Here you call yourself "preschool" and "daycare," so why not choose those categories there, too? As soon as you set up a bunch of posts to get started, your posts will show who you are/what you provide. You also have the opportunity to play up what you value about what you do: i.e. "this is why I love keeping our group small" type posts.
Preschool/daycare teacher 08:21 PM 09-18-2015
Lol I actually have the name "Preschool/Daycare Teacher" because I used teach at preschool/daycares, and I made my account while I was teaching at one (I was the assistant and preschool teacher at a licensed home daycare).
I just don't want my extended family or certain friends to think I'm trying to sound like something I'm not. My parents and sister even consider what I do "babysitting", and I don't choose to argue with them since I'm not licensed or anything and I'm keeping it small. I don't even know what to consider myself I like the idea to say something on a post like, "This is why I love keeping our group small".
Unregistered 09:21 PM 09-18-2015
How about your name? Like 'Linda's Place'
littletots 03:45 AM 09-19-2015
Licensed, legally unlicensed doesn't matter if you're doing a daily schedule, providing meals, circle time, outdoor play, building social skills you are not just a babysitter. Many fcc providers keep a small 1:3, 1:4 ratio.

I send out a weekly recap email to my dcps. I used to text pics but now I do the recap and dcp like to more. So if you don't want your FB friends/family to see your daycare pics just send a group email only to dcp w/pics & text about your day. I'm required to have dcp sign a photo release.

The name of your fcc business... you do get paid? So it is a business.
Preschool/daycare teacher 07:46 AM 09-19-2015
Thank you! I think I'll use my first name in it in some way. I've noticed some providers on here who have a facebook page for their childcare, have the name and then under it it shows what the business is. Like MsSteinel's House, it has that as her name and then under it is the category name "Childcare". Which category do I find "childcare" in? The closest I got was "education" or "preschool", but I'm not just preschool obviously. When you first click to start a page it brings you to "Create a Page" and has the following options to list your page under: "Local business or place", "Company, organization, or institution"(which is where I found "education" and "preschool") , "Brand or product", "Artist, Band, or public figure", "Entertainment", or "Cause or community". I'm not very facebook savvy lol. I'm doing good to manage my profile
Unregistered 11:37 AM 09-21-2015
Mine says childcare but when I go to make a page it's not there... I'd go with local business.
Unregistered 11:44 AM 09-21-2015
Unregistered 04:21 PM 09-21-2015
Choose local business
Miss A 06:37 PM 09-23-2015
I am legally unregistered in the state of Iowa, and keep a maximum of 5 kids, by state law. At the moment, I have 3 full time and 1 part time, as well as new enrollments coming in spring. I chose to call my business Farmhouse Childcare, as it helps Parents to understand that I am a professional, and that while some days feel like just "babysitting", each day I am having an impact on each child's life.
daycare 06:49 PM 09-23-2015
Private home daycare

or rub a dub dub 3 in a tub.....

or Sociology---lol jk

why are you so worried about what other people are going to think you are doing something?
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