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childcaremom 05:49 AM 01-15-2016
Everyone has been sick off and on with colds here. My parents are great about checking and keeping home if their children are sick.

My littles are on the tail end of a cold here. Stuffy noses and mild coughs. My oldest dck is just coming down with it. This morning he was complaining that his belly was sore. I did the usual investigating (do you need to use the bathroom? did you eat breakfast? what does it feel like?). Dcb described it as alternating btwn it feels like he ate bugs to it feels like his belly is full of jelly. I know that the stomach flu is going around so I texted dcm to see if he had complained at home at all and to give her the heads up. He looked ''off'' and he was very quiet playing and occasionally stopping to rest his belly so I decided to be proactive and send him home.

The rest of my group are littles and non verbal. Are there any good/reliable cues that they may be feeling off? Other than waiting for the inevitable vomit? Everyone is in good spirits, eating and pooping normally. Maybe just give parents the head up to monitor over the weekend?
Indoorvoice 05:53 AM 01-15-2016
We just had the stomach bug go through just about everyone here. The big clues for me were pale color, moving slow, whiny/irritable, poor appetite.
childcaremom 05:56 AM 01-15-2016
Not that I wish them to get sick... but I am thankful it is Friday
finsup 05:58 AM 01-15-2016
When we got it there was no warning. Happy, active kids, eating/pooping normally etc then out of nowhere, vomit. I was just like what?! I actually thought it was something my daughter ate at first because there had been no signs. Everyone else followed the same pattern within a few days of each other. Hope to guys avoid it!
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