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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Moving Kids to Toddler Class Too Soon
Unregistered 06:24 PM 05-16-2018
Our daycare center is a public center that is open all year long in Texas. We do ages 6 weeks and until they age up to school age. Our director has continued to move kids to the toddler class before they age up to that class. Our toddler class is considered ages 24-36 months. We have kids from ages 14 months to 3 years in the class right now and it is super hectic and frustrating at times. We are required to have a set schedule and curriculum. Most days it is so hard to even get any of the schedule done. I guess I am just venting. What ages does your center move children up to the toddler room? In Texas, we arenít suppose to have children in a class if they are more than 18 months apart in age.
racemom 07:41 PM 05-16-2018
I am on a toddler room of 6- I have 2-18 months, 2-2 year olds, and 2-3 year olds. Toddlers her are 18 month-3 years so my 3 year olds could be in a group of 10, but my director believes in mixed age groups.

As a teacher, I would prefer to have all same age, because it is hard to do a curriculum with mixed ages.
flying_babyb 06:25 PM 05-17-2018
So Im from wisonsin worked in many daycares:
daycare 1: toddlers were 12-24 months
daycare 2: had a room for 1s, seprate room for twos
daycare 3: Infants were up to 24 months
daycare 4: Infants were 14 months, 14-24 was a second room
Silly Songs 07:06 PM 05-17-2018
My room is 15/16 mos until almost two. ( maybe 22 or 23 months.)
Unregistered 09:24 PM 05-22-2018
Infant Room: 6 weeks-18 months
Toddlers:18 months-2
Toddlers 2-3years
Preschool 4-5
Preschool(Pre- K): going to Kindergarten in a year

I work in the infant room and most 16 month olds are needing more structure. Our 15 month olds could use it part of the day(this group loves reading and walks and crafts. We have one 15 month old who will hopefully walk independently in the next couple months( she can walk holding one finger).
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