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Core12 03:23 AM 06-09-2019
I had a 2 yr old take off the safety doorknob lock and ran outside. Luckily, I was close by and everything was ok. I want to buy a motion detector or anything else for my outside doors now. Please advise.
284878 11:34 AM 06-09-2019

I have one and so does BC. I use mine at bottom of the steps to my door. I get to the before the parents do.
Ariana 04:49 PM 06-09-2019
I have a home alarm system and all of my doors have sensors. When a door is open it sounds an alarm that says “patio door open” or “front door open”. Once for a vacation rental in Cape Cod I bought sensors for the windows in the room that my daughter was going to be sleeping in. We were on the ground floor of the rental house and if anyone tried to open the window and get in a wireless remote alarm would sound in my bedroom. Got it at Home Depot I think! I still have them and use them in rental homes. When we were in a rental in Florida they had sensors on all of the doors that lead to the pool. It was really great!

The one I have is similar to this:
Snowmom 08:25 AM 06-10-2019
I have this for my doors:

It's loud but pleasant sounding and you can change the volume and chimes. It's a simple installation (3M tape on the door and receiver plugs in wherever you want).

I also have an electronic lock that has a security sensor built in. When it's pulled (when locked), it's sets off an ear piercing screech. It actually works well because kids tend to pull on the door before they try unlocking it.
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