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ddaycarelogin 11:49 AM 02-10-2020
Ok guys I know the reasons babies sweat. I also am not new to this and have almost 100 kids full time under my belt, and a special needs child.

New baby started today and sweats a lot. I went to the bathroom and had to put them in the crib for maybe 3 minutes, super fast. I came back and they were soaked head to toe from crying. Sweat beading up on their nose, ears, hair wet dripping down the scalp.

5 months old and owlet caught a 202 heart rate and resting in my lap feeding afterwards 167. Not out of range but I have never had a kid sweat this much.

I am not taking that owlet off of them (though I know that isn't a hospital-grade device but better than nothing). I will be talking to the parents about it at pick up, tactfully, more inquiry like.

Any advice?

Cat Herder 12:24 PM 02-10-2020
Sounds like runs of SVT but I am not familiar with an Owlet.

Edit: A quick internet search shows those things giving a lot of false highs and unnecessary trips to the ER.

If the parents are concerned they can have a strip run at their peds office.
ddaycarelogin 12:35 PM 02-10-2020
Yeah run high or not. Reviews are mixed. I thought the same thing. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction and higher risk of SIDS.

I am freaking out a bit, she looks like a heart attack patient if I am honest.
Cat Herder 12:44 PM 02-10-2020
Any family history of diabetes? Is she wheezing? Any other respiratory symptoms?
ddaycarelogin 12:46 PM 02-10-2020
She seems like she hyperventilates. I normally see that in toddlers, NOT babies. No wheezing. I don't know the family history.
Cat Herder 12:51 PM 02-10-2020
It could very well be a congenital heart defect and having them voice their concerns to the ped certainly can't hurt. Ruling it out would be a good thing.
ddaycarelogin 01:06 PM 02-10-2020
Yeah texting with them now. I am going to have them do that. Thank you for confirming what my gut was thinking.
Cat Herder 01:10 PM 02-10-2020
Originally Posted by ddaycarelogin:
Yeah texting with them now. I am going to have them do that. Thank you for confirming what my gut was thinking.
Tags:aortic valve stenosis, coarctation of the aorta, congenital heart defect, diabetes, excessive sweating, hyperventilation, patent ductus arteriosus, sweating, ventricular septal defect
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