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daycare 02:48 PM 09-10-2012
I've been having some behavior issues lately and have decided its time to bust our the behavior traffic light.

I have not done one in a long long time, but I feel it's necessary.

My question is, where should I put it? I have thought about it and don't want to hang it where all the parents can see it. Why? well I don't want the parents to see how other kids behaved for the day and get a bad impression of any child. KWIM??
IN the past I had it in a place the kids could see it but the parents could not. Now all my wall space is taken up, this came to mind....

so would you hang it in the sight of parents or out?
sharlan 02:58 PM 09-10-2012
No, I would NOT post it where any of the parents would see it.
momofsix 04:33 PM 09-10-2012
Nope, for the kids only-unless you could have it empty by the time any parents came.
Although I knew every day last year that "Nicholas" got put on red or yellow almost every day in his preschool class. I have no idea who "Nicholas" is, but my dcb let me know every day that he didn't listen. So parents might still find out even if they don't see the light itself
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