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sahdaycaremom 11:00 AM 09-17-2010
I was wondering if any of you do a good behavior charts? If so, what kind do you do? Do you give the kids a reward? I have a couple of kids that are real toughies and I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
Reply 11:08 AM 09-17-2010
I have little plastic jars I got at the dollar shelf at target 2 for a dollar, and poker chips. We start out with 3 each morning and if you have 4 at the end of the day your hand gets stamped.
DanceMom 11:11 AM 09-17-2010 kids LOVE stickers !!! and I also bought Reward sheets at LakeShore Learning to send home to parents to let them know of something they did great during the day !
AfterSchoolMom 11:45 AM 09-17-2010
I have all older SA kids. We have a good behavior chart - I give them a check mark for every day that they follow the rules. If they get 5 checkmarks, they get to pick from the "treasure box" on Friday afternoons. I have small dollar store toys, pencils, etc. in the box - an actual toy treasure chest. I've caught some flack here for it before, but I find that the kids LOVE it and are really motivated to behave. All it takes is for me to say "who wants an 'X'?" and they all calm down immediately.
tenderhearts 12:10 PM 09-17-2010
I did the "reward" chart for about 2 months, if they earned so many at the end of the day they got a sticker and if they earned all of them at the end of the week they got to pick something out of the treasure box. I figured how many stars per age (can't remember now). This only worked for about 2 months before they all got bored with it. Now I keep a "candy" jar up on my shelf and peridodically if I see someone sharing, being nice, using nice words I'll give them 1 m & m, or if I see all of them playing together nicely sometimes I'll gve them one. They like that better. they can also earn a cookie after snack following the same above things and they always look forward to knowing if they've earned it.
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