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WImom 11:07 AM 03-22-2011
Do you use them? Why or whynot? When have you had the most success using them if you do?
Blackcat31 11:11 AM 03-22-2011
I have only used them for "Terrific Tasters"...those kiddos who willingly and happily taste all of our food and then at the end of the week or when ever they earn 5 stars they can pick a treat from the treat bucketl. The treat bucket contains, dried fruits (which my kiddos think is candy) and little toys and trinkets such as bouncy balls, 8 packs of crayons, mini slinky's and yo-yo's etc.
Zoe 12:16 PM 03-22-2011
I used them as a teacher, and I use them for all 4 of my dck's now (2 of which are my own kids). For the actual dck's I have a sticker chart with 15 spots for stickers. My own kids have 30. After snack time, we line up and I give out stickers for the following parts of our day that I feel should be acknowledged: saying Thank you at meal times, circle time behavior, good eating at lunch (trying at least one bite of everything), staying quiet during nap, and playing nicely with others. This is only for my specific kids and my daycare.

I adjust as I deem necessary. The sticker charts are more of a recognition of "good behavior" or rewarding them for things that they may need to work on. Once the sticker chart is full, they get a sucker or something from my prize box.

My own kids have more places in their charts because I continue to use the charts after daycare. They get a small toy or book once their chart is full, but dck's don't see that.

It works for me with the kids I have now because they really see it as a fun reward and motivator for "Being good".
youretooloud 12:18 PM 03-22-2011
I never do. But, it's not because I don't think they'll work. I bet kids would love it. I'm just not disciplined enough to keep it up for more than a week. Unless the kids police me.

I've seen some cute printable sticker charts online too!
krystamichelle 06:29 AM 03-23-2011
I use them, only because my DCB's previous daycare did it and he seems to be really effected by them. His mom actually suggested it and it's helped.
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