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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Ear infection?
ihop 04:11 PM 01-28-2014
All this week 6 month old dcg has been bursting into hysterical crying fits every time 9 month old dcb yells or talks loudly. I have been watching her closely and she doesn't seem startled when he yells but she bursts into tears. She is teething and hasn't slept well the last few days but this is out of the norm for her. When he yells she is an instant flood of tears and it takes five minutes to calm her.

Maybe ear infection? Or just crabby?
TwinKristi 04:17 PM 01-28-2014
It's worth having it checked out if it continues. One of my kids went to a well baby visit with no fever, no symptoms but a raging ear infection! so it's possible, but it could also be pressure in the ears from teething.
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